WooCommerce Pre-Orders Plugin

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WooCommerce Pre-Orders

WooCommerce Pre-Orders is a popular plugin that allows you to sell products before they are available, enabling customers to reserve or pre-order items that are not yet in stock. This plugin is essential for online stores that want to generate buzz and revenue for upcoming products, manage inventory, and improve customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Pre-Order Products: Allow customers to pre-order products that are not yet in stock.
  • Partial Payments: Accept partial payments or deposits for pre-orders.
  • Release Dates: Set release dates for pre-order products, automatically updating the product status when the date is reached.
  • Inventory Management: Manage inventory for pre-order products, ensuring that you don’t oversell or undersell items.
  • Pre-Order Notifications: Send automatic notifications to customers when their pre-order is available for shipping.
  • Customizable Pre-Order Options: Customize pre-order options, including the ability to set custom pre-order messages and buttons.


  • Generate Buzz and Revenue: Generate buzz and revenue for upcoming products, even before they are available.
  • Manage Inventory: Manage inventory more effectively, ensuring that you don’t oversell or undersell pre-order products.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Improve customer satisfaction by allowing them to reserve products before they are available.
  • Competitive Advantage: Gain a competitive advantage by offering pre-orders, setting your store apart from competitors.
  • Streamlined Fulfillment: Streamline fulfillment by automatically updating product status and sending notifications when pre-orders are available for shipping.

Best Practices

  • Clearly Communicate Pre-Order Details: Clearly communicate pre-order details, including release dates and payment terms.
  • Set Realistic Release Dates: Set realistic release dates to avoid disappointing customers.
  • Provide Regular Updates: Provide regular updates to customers about their pre-orders, including shipping estimates and product availability.
  • Offer Flexible Payment Options: Offer flexible payment options, including partial payments or deposits.
  • Test and Optimize: Test and optimize your pre-order strategy regularly to ensure it is working effectively.


WooCommerce Pre-Orders is a powerful plugin that can help you generate buzz and revenue for upcoming products, manage inventory, and improve customer satisfaction. By offering pre-orders, you can create a unique and engaging shopping experience that sets your store apart from competitors. By following best practices and customizing the plugin to fit your store’s needs, you can create a seamless and effective pre-order strategy that drives sales and growth.


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