WooCommerce Name Your Price

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WooCommerce Name Your Price

WooCommerce Name Your Price is a plugin that allows customers to set their own prices for products. This plugin is useful for donation-based products, where customers can specify the amount they want to donate.


  1. Flexible Pricing: Allow customers to set their own prices for products.
  2. Donation-Based Products: Perfect for charity or non-profit organizations that want to accept donations.
  3. Tips and Gratuity: Can be used for tips or gratuity for services or products.
  4. Customizable Text: Customize the text strings for the plugin to fit your brand’s voice.
  5. Compatibility: Compatible with most WooCommerce themes and extensions.


  1. Improved Customer Experience: Provides a personalized pricing system that allows customers to pay what they want.
  2. Increased Conversions: By giving customers the flexibility to set their own prices, you can increase conversions and sales.
  3. Charity and Non-Profit Friendly: Perfect for organizations that want to accept donations or tips.
  4. Easy to Use: Simple to set up and use, with a user-friendly interface.

How it Works

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Set up a product with a price of zero.
  3. Customers can then enter their own price for the product.
  4. The plugin will update the price and add the product to the cart.

Use Cases

  1. Charity Donations: Allow customers to donate to a charity or cause.
  2. Tips and Gratuity: Allow customers to leave a tip for a service or product.
  3. Pay-What-You-Want Products: Allow customers to pay what they want for a product.
  4. Fundraising Campaigns: Use the plugin to run fundraising campaigns for a specific cause or project.


WooCommerce Name Your Price is a powerful plugin that provides a flexible pricing system for customers. With its ease of use and compatibility with most WooCommerce themes and extensions, it’s a great solution for charities, non-profit organizations, and businesses that want to offer a personalized pricing experience.


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