WooCommerce Conditional Content

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WooCommerce Conditional Content

WooCommerce Conditional Content is a plugin that allows you to display dynamic content throughout your store based on easy-to-configure rules and conditions. This plugin is designed to show messages, advertisements, reminders, or other content based on a wide assortment of rules and conditions.

Key Features

  • Display a message on products which are about to go on sale.
  • Display a message on products which are about to go out of stock or expire.
  • Display messages to specific users or specific user roles.
  • Display messages on the cart when certain products are in it.
  • Display messages on products when other items have been added to the cart.
  • Display messages to users who have already added the product or other products from the same category to their cart.
  • Display Pricing tables that correlate to Dynamic Pricing rules.

The Rule Builder

The plugin has a detailed rule builder that can be used to construct conditions to control where and when content will display on your store. The rule builder allows you to build conditions for very simple and quick messages, such as a sale on a product category, to very detailed messages involving dozens of pre-defined criteria you can select from.


You can use this plugin to display content on all items in your store that are in a particular category, or to promote a sale or purchases on a product about to run out of stock.


WooCommerce Conditional Content is the extension you need to provide a dynamic, customer-tailored experience to your shoppers. With its easy-to-use rule builder and long list of predefined locations, you can quickly get your content on your site without having to know what all the available filters in WooCommerce are, and where they would actually display the content.


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