WooCommerce Anti-Fraud

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WooCommerce Anti-Fraud

The WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Plugin is a powerful tool designed to help online store owners prevent fraudulent transactions and protect their business from financial losses. This plugin provides a robust defense system against fraudulent activities, allowing you to block suspicious orders and customers based on various parameters.


  • Real-time Transaction Scanning: Scans transactions in real-time, allowing you to review and catch potentially malicious transactions before processing them.
  • Insightful Dashboard Analytics: Provides detailed analytics and insights into transaction data, helping you identify patterns and trends of fraudulent activity.
  • Customizable Fraud Alerts: Set up customizable fraud alerts to notify you of suspicious transactions, ensuring prompt action can be taken.
  • Automatic Fraud Prevention: Automatically blocks fraudulent transactions based on predefined rules and conditions.
  • Integration with MaxMind’s minFraud Service: Leverages MaxMind’s minFraud service to provide additional fraud detection capabilities, including email, billing address, VPN/anonymizer, IP address, and geolocation analysis.


The WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Plugin is a must-have solution for any online store looking to protect itself from fraudulent transactions. With its advanced features and customizable settings, this plugin provides a robust defense system against fraudulent activities, helping you safeguard your business and reduce financial losses.


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