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Tracking Addon

The Advanced Ads Tracking Addon is a powerful tool for monitoring, reporting, and sharing ad slot performance in WordPress. It allows you to gain insights on clicks and impressions of your ads, and you can configure the tracking method and set metrics to track. The addon supports various ad types, including Adsense, and can be easily integrated with WordPress posts and pages. It also enables you to sell ad space privately and keep all the revenue for yourself. The free version of the plugin has limited tracking capabilities, but upgrading to the pro version offers more features and a different pricing scheme. The plugin simplifies the process of managing ads and provides control and flexibility for monetizing your website.The Advanced Ads Tracking Addon is a powerful for tracking ad impressions and clicks on a website. It offers various features and functions, including:

  1. Ad tracking: Ad tracking starts right after activating the plugin, and you can define the general behavior of the plugin under Ads > Settings > Tracking
  2. Tracking methods: You can choose between Frontend and Google Analytics tracking methods. The Frontend tracking method counts ad impressions after the frontend of your website is fully loaded, while Google Analytics tracking moves tracking to Google Analytics if you are already using them for your website analytics.
  3. Global tracking settings: You can enable or disable tracking by default, choose to track impressions or clicks only, and tell search engines not to follow links or identify them as sponsored.
  4. Per-ad tracking settings: You can enable and disable tracking, enable tracking impressions or clicks only, and add class=”notrack” to the <a> tag to disable click tracking for specific links in your ad code.
  5. Click-link base: You can choose the URL under which public reports are available, and each ad has its own report URL, which you can find on the ad edit screen.
  6. Email reports: You can send reports with the combined stats for all ads on your site or each ad individually via email.
  7. Statistics: You can find your advertising statistics in your dashboard on Advanced Ads > Statistics. The page starts with some options from which you can choose, including selecting the reporting period and displaying the statistics by days, weeks, or months.
  8. Public pages with statistics: The Tracking add-on automatically creates non-indexed public pages with the statistics for an individual ad. You can use this to quickly check the numbers or share them with the advertiser.
  9. Limit ad impressions or clicks: The Tracking add-on lets you limit the number of total impressions or clicks the ad can receive before being disabled.
  10. Export, optimize, reset, or remove ad statistics: You can find the link on the Statistics page or in the general Tracking settings.


Overall, Advanced Ads Tracking Addon features make it easier to manage and track ads on a website, providing valuable insights into ad performance and helping to optimize ad revenue.


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