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Version 1.4.1 Updated on March 26, 2024

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Selling Ads Addon

The Selling Ads addon by Advanced Ads is a WooCommerce-based solution for selling ads on a WordPress website. It allows users to set up ad products with different pricing options, such as per day, impression, or click limits. The addon also includes features for tracking ad performance, customizing email notifications, and integrating with the Advanced Ads Tracking addon. It requires WooCommerce to be installed and activated on the site. The ad products can be set up with different ad types, pricing options, and placements. After an ad is purchased, the customer can submit the ad content, which can then be reviewed and published by the admin. The addon also includes options for sending notifications to the customer and admin during the ad setup process. It is compatible with the AffiliateWP plugin for tracking affiliate commissions on referred ad space sales.

Key features of the Selling Ads add-on include:

  1. Automated ad sales: Offer ad spaces that advertisers can choose from and purchase easily.
  2. Ad products: Define ad products with custom conditions and pricing, including per day, impressions, or clicks.
  3. Placement selection: Choose available placements for each ad product, allowing you to set where the ad products will be visible.
  4. WooCommerce integration: Built on WooCommerce, enabling various payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, credit cards, direct bank transfers, and more.
  5. Ad product settings: Define the ad product name, description, available ad types (HTML, Image), and pricing options.
  6. Ad automation: Upon an advertiser’s purchase, an ad product is automatically created with a “draft” status, allowing advertisers to upload ad content.
  7. Ad review process: Site admins are notified to review the ad content, approve or reject it, and publish the ad once approved.
  8. Ad performance tracking: Advertisers can access their ads and purchase history, as well as monitor ad performance through ad statistics in their personal accounts.

These features help simplify the ad selling process, allowing you to manage ads more efficiently and effectively on your WordPress website.


The Selling Ads add-on by Advanced Ads empowers you to automate the process of selling ads your WordPress website. It enables you to define various “ad products” that advertisers can choose from, with custom conditions and pricing. You can sell ads based on different pricing models, such as per day, impressions, or clicks. Additionally, you can set specific placements where the ad products will be visible.


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