Responsive Ads Addon by Advanced Ads

Version 1.12.1 Updated on March 26, 2024

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Responsive Ads Addon

The Responsive Ads Addon by Advanced Ads is a premium feature for the Advanced Ads plugin that allows for more advanced control over the size and placement of ads on a website. It includes a condition to select ads for a specific browser width, which can be useful for optimizing ad display on different devices. However, it is unclear from the provided information whether the ad widths can be set in percentages instead of pixels. The Responsive Ads Addon by Advanced Ads includes the following features:

  1. Browser Width condition: Allows you to set ad visibility based on the width of user’s browser window. This feature is now a part of Advanced Ads Pro. 2.Sense responsive ad sizes: Allows you to set custom sizes for AdSense responsive ads.
  2. AdSense default sizes: Allows you to set default AdSense sizes for various ad formats.
  3. AdSense Multiplex Ads customization: Allows you to customize AdSense Multiplex Ads for desktop and mobile.

These features are now included in Advanced Ads Pro because, on websites using caching, you need Advanced Ads Pro’s Cache Busting feature to make them work reliably.The Responsive Ads add-on by Advanced Ads has been renamed to “AMP Ads” after the Browser Width condition was moved to Advanced Ads Pro. This change is not critical for users of Advanced Ads Pro or the All Access plan. The features of the AMP Ads add-on, such as ad integrations, click fraud protection, and adSense warnings, are now included in Advanced Ads Pro for caching compatibility. The removal of the AMP Ads add-on is optional and can be done if the user does not use any of the features it provides.  


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