Google Ad Manager Integration by Advanced Ads

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Google Ad Manager Integration

Advanced Ads is a popular ad management plugin for WordPress that offers a wide range of features to help users deliver and optimize ads on their websites. The plugin has a lite version that comes with all the necessary features for ad management, as well as a pro version that offers advanced targeting, split testing, click fraud protection, lazy loading, background, popups and sticky ads, full AMP support, adblocker detection, and more.Advanced Ads supports all ad networks and banners from affiliate programs like Google AdSense, Chitika, Clickbank, Amazon, and Google Ad Manager. It also provides privacy settings to help users comply with data protection regulations. The plugin can be used with or without coding, and it offers a variety of placements and ad types to choose from.One of the standout features of Advanced Ads is its Google Ad Manager Integration, which allows users to easily integrate their Google Ad Manager ad units into their website without any coding. The integration includes a bulk import feature to load all or specific ad units effortlessly, as well as support for size mapping, key-values targeting, and AMP pages.Advanced Ads has received positive reviews from users, with many praising its ease of use, versatility, and excellent support. The plugin is compatible with all site builders that allow shortcodes or widgets.The Google Ad Manager Integration by Advanced Ads is a plugin for WordPress that allows users to easily connect their site to their Google Ad Manager account and manage their ads within the WordPress dashboard. Some of the features of this plugin include:

  • The ability to import ad units from Google Ad Manager and convert them into ads within Advanced Ads
  • An option to search for specific ad units to add to Advanced Ads
  • An update and delete option for ad units to check for changes in the Google Ad Manager account and keep the ad unit list relevant
  • A new “Google Ad Manager” ad type in Advanced Ads, which allows users to select an ad unit from their Google Ad Manager account and display it on their site
  • The ability to show different ad unit sizes for different screen widths and automatically pull available sizes from the ad unit setup in Google Ad Manager
  • An option to define ad sizes for AMP pages specifically
  • An auto-refresh option for Google Ad Manager ad units
  • Key-values targeting to deliver ads based on specific information from the site
  • The ability to store all relevant ad unit information with the ad created in Advanced Ads, so that the ad continues to work even if the site is connected to a different Google Ad Manager account or disconnected completely.

This plugin is designed to make it easy for users to manage their Google Ad Manager ads within WordPress and take advantage of features like key-values targeting and ad size optimization.


Overall, Advanced Ads is a powerful and feature-rich ad management plugin that is well-suited for website owners and publishers who want to optimize their ad revenue and deliver a good user experience. 


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