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Custom Affiliate Slugs

Custom Affiliate Slugs is an add-on feature for the AffiliateWP plugin. It allows to create their own custom “slugs” for their referral URLs, replacing the default affiliate ID or username in the URL. This custom slug can be personalized, relevant to the affiliate’s business or marketing efforts, or completely random The custom slug can used alongside the default affiliate ID or username, providing an additional way to track traffic on the site. The add-on also allows site admins to enable or disable custom slugs for specific affiliates and set rules for custom slug creation.

The key features of Custom Affate Slugs by Affiliate are:

  1. Allows the assignment of multiple personalized URL slugs to an affiliate to use in their affiliate links.
  2. Enables affiliates to create their own custom URL slugs.
  3. Provides the ability to use custom slugs or affiliate IDs in affiliate links.
  4. Custom slugs can be personal, specific to the’s business, specific to a marketing campaign or product, or something fun.
  5. Custom slugs are created based on the affiliate’s WordPress username, with English alphanumeric characters and random numbers to ensure uniqueness.
  6. Affiliates can view custom slug metrics and create and delete custom slugs if permitted by the site admin.
  7. Site admins can configure custom slug permissions, limits, and auto-creation.
  8. Custom slugs can be used to track visits and referrals on the site.
  9. Custom slugs can be up to 32 characters long and can only contain English alphanumeric characters and underscores.
  10. If a custom slug is deleted, visit and referral data will continue to exist in the database and can be reported if the custom slug is added back.
  11. The custom slug section is available on each affiliate edit page and in each affiliate portal.
  12. Affiliates without permission to create and delete slugs will see a read-only version of their Active Custom Slugs section in the Affiliate Portal.
  13. The per-affiliate custom slug limit defaults to 10 and can be configured via a global setting.
  14. If an affiliate owns more than the per-affiliate slug limit, no new custom slugs can be created for the affiliate.
  15. Solid Affiliate will not automatically delete any of an affiliate’s custom slugs as this could break existing affiliate links.


Overall, the above features help affiliates create more personalized and relevant referral links, while also providing site admins with more control and flexibility in managing custom slugs.



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