Currency Switcher for EDD by Aelia

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Currency Switcher for EDD

Currency Switcher for EDD is a popular plugin that allows you to add a currency switcher to your Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) store. This plugin is perfect for store owners who want to cater to a global audience and provide a seamless shopping experience for customers from different regions.

Key Features

  1. Multi-Currency Support: Add multiple currencies to your EDD store, allowing customers to switch between currencies easily.
  2. Automatic Exchange Rates: The plugin updates exchange rates automatically, ensuring that prices are accurate and up-to-date.
  3. Currency Switcher Widget: Add a currency switcher widget to your store’s frontend, allowing customers to switch currencies with ease.
  4. Price Formatting: Format prices according to the selected currency, including decimal places, thousand separators, and currency symbols.
  5. Tax Support: The plugin supports taxes, allowing you to set tax rates for each currency.
  6. Compatibility: Compatible with popular EDD extensions, including EDD Payments, EDD Discounts, and more.
  7. Customizable: Customize the currency switcher’s appearance, including the layout, design, and text.


  1. Global Reach: Cater to a global audience by offering multiple currencies, increasing sales and revenue.
  2. Improved User Experience: Provide a seamless shopping experience for customers from different regions, reducing cart abandonment rates.
  3. Increased Conversions: By offering prices in customers’ local currencies, you can increase conversions and reduce friction during checkout.
  4. Easy Management: Easily manage multiple currencies, exchange rates, and taxes from a single dashboard.


Currency Switcher for EDD is a must-have plugin for any EDD store owner who wants to cater to a global audience. By offering multiple currencies, you can increase sales, improve the user experience, and reduce cart abandonment rates. With its range of features and benefits, this plugin is a valuable addition to any EDD store.


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