AffiliateWP – Multi Level Affiliates Addon

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AffiliateWP – Multi Level Affiliates

AffiliateWP Multi Level Affiliates an add-on for the AffiliateWP plugin WordPress. It enhances AffiliateWP with multi-level marketing features, allowing partners to generate commissions from both and indirect referrals The add-on supports multiple affiliate levels and integrates with various e-commerce and membership such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads,avity Forms, Formidable Forms. It also supports AffiliateWP integrations such as BuddyPress and Affiliate Groups.

Key features of AffiliateWP – Multi Level Affiliates Addon includes:

  • Unlimited affiliate levels
  • Email notifications for new sub-affiliates and indirect referrals
  • Forced matrix settings to control the width and depth of the matrix
  • Cycle matrix settings to control the number of times each affiliate can fill their matrix
  • View sub-affiliates to see the sub-affiliates assigned to each affiliate on the front-end
  • Integration with various e-commerce and membership plugins
  • Compatibility with other AffiliateWP add-ons

The add-on also includes a Downline Cycles feature (Forced Matrix), a Tree View in the Affiliate Area & Edit Affiliate screen, Sub Affiliates shortcode (Tree or List), Parent Affiliate shortcode, Direct Affiliate shortcode, and Indirect Affiliate shortcode. Additionally, the add-on includes new features such as the integration with AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses, Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms compatibility, Affiliate Forms for Ninja Forms compatibility, AffiliateWP BuddyPress compatibility, Affiliate Area Shortcodes compatibility, Tiered Affiliate Rates compatibility, and Hooks for Indirect Referrals.To set up a multi-level system with AffiliateWP meets your requirements, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Install and activate the AffiliateWP plugin the Multi-Level Affiliates Addon.
  2. Create a new user role for the AGENTS in your WordPress site. You can use a plugin like User Role Editor to create a new user role.
  3. Create a registration form for the AGENTS using a plugin like Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms. Add a hidden field to the form to store the ID of the MANAGER who referred the AGENT.
  4. Create a custom registration page and embed the registration form on this page.
  5. Use the affwp_new_affiliate hook to programmatically create a new affiliate when a new AGENT registers. Set the referrer of the new affiliate to the MANAGER who referred the AGENT using the hidden field value.
  6. Use the affwp_affiliate_referral_status filter to set the referral status to “approved” for AGENTS who register under a MANAGER.
  7. Use the affwp_referral_amount filter to set the referral amount for each sale made by an AGENT to 1 USD if the AGENT has reached 100 sales. Otherwise, set the referral amount to 4 USD.
  8. Use the affwp_referral_recipients filter to set the MANAGER as a recipient of the referral fee for each sale made by an AGENT.
  9. Use the affwp_affiliate_levels filter to set the level of each AGENT based on the number of sales they have made.
  10. Use the affwp_affiliate_referral_visitor_id filter to store the ID of the AGENT who referred a new customer in the referral data.
  11. Use the affwp_referral_parent_id filter to set the parent affiliate for each new referral based on the ID of the AGENT who referred the new customer.

By following these steps, you can set up a multi-level affiliate system with AffiliateWP that meets your requirements. However, please note that this requires some programming knowledge and may require additional customization based on your specific needs. 


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