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WP Reset Pro

WP Reset Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin that offers a comprehensive solution for resetting, debugging, and recovering WordPress sites. Here are some key features and a conclusion about WP Reset Pro:

Key Features

  1. Reset Tab: Offers two parts – a long explanation of what WP Reset will do and a basic reset option that resets the database, leaving files in the media library, uploads directory, themes, and plugins intact.
  2. Snapshots: Allows creating snapshots of the site, which can be used to restore the site to a previous state.
  3. Tools Tab: Provides various tools for debugging and recovering WordPress sites.
  4. Collections Tab: Enables creating collections of snapshots, which can be used to manage multiple site configurations.
  5. Support Tab: Offers support resources and documentation.


WP Reset Pro is an excellent plugin for WordPress developers, testers, and site builders who need to reset, debug, and recover WordPress sites quickly and efficiently. With its powerful features, including snapshots, collections, and debugging tools, WP Reset Pro can save time and effort when working with WordPress sites. The plugin is developed by Webfactory, a reputable company with 10 years of experience in WordPress development. Overall, WP Reset Pro is a must-have plugin for anyone who needs to manage and maintain multiple WordPress sites.


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