WooCommerce Customer Email Verification

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WooCommerce Customer Email Verification

The “WooCommerce Customer Email Verification” plugin is a tool that helps you verify the email addresses of your WooCommerce customers. It ensures that customers provide valid email addresses during the registration or checkout process, which can help reduce fake or invalid email accounts and improve communication with your customers. 

Key Features

  1. Email verification on registration: The plugin adds an extra step to the user registration process, where customers receive an email with a verification link. They need to click on the link to verify their email address before completing the registration.
  2. Email verification on checkout: If enabled, the plugin can also require customers to verify their email address during the checkout process. This helps ensure that the email provided is valid and can receive order-related notifications and updates.
  3. Customizable email templates: You can customize the email templates sent to customers for email verification. This allows you to match the branding and style of your store and provide clear instructions to customers.
  4. Email resend option: In case customers don’t receive the verification email or accidentally delete it, the plugin often provides an option to resend the verification email. This ensures that customers can complete the verification process even if they encounter issues with the initial email.
  5. Verification status management: The plugin typically adds a verification status field to the customer profile in WooCommerce. You can easily view and manage the verification status of each customer, which helps you keep track of verified and unverified accounts.
  6. Integration with other plugins: The WooCommerce Customer Email Verification plugin is often designed to work seamlessly with other WooCommerce plugins, such as email marketing tools or membership plugins. This allows you to synchronize email verification status with other systems or trigger specific actions based on the verification status.


The conclusion for customer email verification Zorem is that it is a premium plugin that provides advanced features such as-Factor Authentication (2FA) and IP tracking, offering comprehensive email verification for WooCommerce store owners. These features help reduce registration and spam orders, avoid bouncing emails, and manage unverified customers effectively. By requiring email verification before account registration and order placement, store owners can build trust with customers, ensure effective communication, and maintain a secure online business environment. 

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