WooCommerce Cost & Reports Plugin

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WooCommerce Cost & Reports

Cost & Reports for WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that provides detailed profit insights, streamlined bulk operations, and advanced pricing and reporting features. It helps you gain financial control over your WooCommerce store by offering in-depth insights into your store’s profitability.

With Cost & Reports, you can:

  • Track costs, profits, and other financial metrics
  • Access comprehensive sales and customer reports
  • Efficiently update costs, prices, and stock levels in bulk
  • Simplify complex financial tasks with an intuitive interface
  • Export reports for further analysis and record-keeping

The plugin features a powerful table editor that allows you to efficiently update and manage vital product information in bulk. You can easily modify purchase price, cost, shipping cost, cost of goods, markup, price, and stock with a few clicks. The table editor also provides features like searching and filtering data, customizing your view, and exporting data to CSV files.

Additionally, Cost & Reports offers bulk functions for most of its columns, allowing you to make changes across multiple rows with just a few clicks. You can also add cost and purchase price from the product page, and the plugin provides prices and cost/profit calculations.

Overall, Cost & Reports for WooCommerce is a valuable tool for any WooCommerce store looking to gain financial control and optimize their pricing strategies.


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