MainWP Domain Monitor Extension

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LAST UPDATED ON – December 7, 2023 & Licensed under GPLv2 or Greater (Unlimited Use)

MainWP Domain Monitor

The MainWP Domain Monitor Extension is a tool designed for the MainWP WordPress management platform. It allows users to monitor and track important information about their domains, including expiration dates, SSL certificate status, and more. This extension helps website administrators stay on top of domain-related tasks and ensures that domains are up-to-date and functioning properly.

With the MainWP Domain Monitor Extension, you can:

  1. Monitor Domain Expiration: Keep track of the expiration dates for all your domains in one central location. This helps you avoid unexpected domain expiration and potential website downtime.
  2. SSL Certificate Monitoring: Verify the status of SSL certificates for your domains. This ensures that your websites are secure and that visitors’ data is protected.
  3. Registrar and DNS Information: Access and view essential details about your domain registrar and DNS settings, making it easier to manage and update domain-related configurations.
  4. Notification System: Set up notifications to receive alerts and reminders about upcoming domain expirations or changes in SSL certificate status. This helps you take proactive action to avoid any disruptions.

The MainWP Domain Monitor Extension is designed to streamline domain management for WordPress websites, especially for those with multiple domains or clients. It provides a centralized dashboard within the MainWP platform where you can monitor and manage domain-related information efficiently.

To get more specific information about the MainWP Domain Monitor Extension and its features, I recommend visiting the official MainWP website or exploring their documentation. They can provide the most up-to-date details and any additional functionalities associated with this extension.

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