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Gravity Forms Import Entries – wpexperts

Gravity Forms Import Entries is a WordPress plugin developed by wpexperts, designed to help users import entries into Gravity Forms from various sources, including CSV files, other Gravity Forms, and even third-party services.

Key Features

  • CSV Import: Import entries from CSV files, allowing you to easily migrate data from other systems or spreadsheets.
  • Gravity Forms to Gravity Forms: Import entries from one Gravity Form to another, making it easy to merge data or transfer entries between forms.
  • Third-Party Service Integration: Import entries from third-party services, such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and more.
  • Customizable Mapping: Map imported data to specific Gravity Forms fields, ensuring accurate and efficient data transfer.
  • Conditional Logic: Apply conditional logic to imported data, allowing you to filter or manipulate entries based on specific criteria.
  • Error Handling: Handle errors and exceptions during the import process, ensuring that data is imported accurately and reliably.
  • Scheduled Imports: Schedule imports to run automatically at set intervals, making it easy to keep your Gravity Forms data up-to-date.
  • Import History: View a detailed history of all imports, including the number of entries imported, errors encountered, and more.

Use Cases

  • Data Migration: Migrate data from an existing system or spreadsheet to Gravity Forms, saving time and effort.
  • Form Consolidation: Consolidate data from multiple Gravity Forms into a single form, making it easier to manage and analyze.
  • Third-Party Integration: Integrate Gravity Forms with third-party services, such as email marketing platforms or CRM systems.


Gravity Forms Import Entries by wpexperts is a powerful and flexible plugin that simplifies the process of importing entries into Gravity Forms. With its customizable mapping, conditional logic, and scheduled imports, it’s an ideal solution for anyone looking to streamline their data import process and get the most out of Gravity Forms.


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