GiveWP Webhooks Addon

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LAST UPDATED ON – August 9, 2023 & Licensed under GPLv2 or Greater (Unlimited Use)

GiveWP Webhooks Addon

GiveWP Webhooks Addon allows your website to communicate with other web applications in real-time by sending notifications. Those notifications – or webhooks – get sent whenever specific events trigger on your website.

For instance, the GiveWP Webhooks add-on allows you to send notifications to other web applications whenever a donation is made on your website. This is helpful as it allows you to:

  • Keep your teams updated by notifying them whenever a donation is made, allowing for quick follow up or to take other actions.
  • Integrate with other applications, like CRM tools or email marketing software, to streamline your workflow and automate certain tasks.
  • Build custom solutions that leverage your GiveWP data.

With webhooks, you can specify which actions send data to your third-party integrations. This allows you to tailor your integrations to your specific needs.

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