Advanced Themer for Bricks

Version 2.7.3 Updated on July 4, 2024

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Advanced Themer for Bricks

Advanced Themer for Bricks is a powerful plugin designed specifically for Bricks Builder, a popular page builder for WordPress. It’s a theming plugin that allows you to create custom, dynamic, and conditional themes for your Bricks-built website.

Key Features

Theme Builder –

  • Visual Theme Editor: Create and design themes using a visual interface.
  • Conditional Logic: Apply themes based on conditions such as user role, page type, device, and more.
  • Dynamic Variables: Use dynamic variables to create flexible and reusable themes.

Theme Elements –

  • Header: Customize the header section with advanced options.
  • Footer: Customize the footer section with advanced options.
  • Sidebar: Customize the sidebar section with advanced options.
  • Content: Customize the content section with advanced options.
  • Archive Pages: Customize archive pages with advanced options.
  • Single Pages: Customize single pages with advanced options.

Advanced Options –

  • Custom CSS: Add custom CSS to individual theme elements or globally.
  • Custom JavaScript: Add custom JavaScript to individual theme elements or globally.
  • Breakpoint Control: Control theme elements based on specific breakpoints.
  • Responsive Design: Create responsive designs with ease.


  • Faster Development: Create custom themes quickly and efficiently.
  • Improved Flexibility: Create dynamic and conditional themes with ease.
  • Enhanced Customization: Customize every aspect of your Bricks-built website.
  • Better Performance: Optimize your website’s performance with advanced options.


Advanced Themer for Bricks is a powerful plugin that takes your Bricks-built website to the next level. With its advanced theme builder, conditional logic, and dynamic variables, you can create custom, flexible, and high-performance themes with ease.

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