Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce Addon

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Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce Addon

Admin Columns is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you to manage and organize your website content more efficiently. With Admin Columns, you can create custom views of your posts, pages, and other post types by adding, removing, and rearranging columns in the list table. This makes it easy to find, filter, and update content quickly, without the need for any coding.

The WooCommerce integration for Admin Columns Pro provides additional columns and features specifically designed for WooCommerce stores. With this integration, you can manage your products, orders, and coupons more effectively, right from the list table page. You can filter orders based on various conditions, add marketing-related columns to the User list tables, and customize the columns to suit your specific needs.

Admin Columns offers a range of features, including the ability to sort, filter, and export content, as well as inline and bulk editing. The plugin is compatible with popular plugins like Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and WooCommerce, and is used by top brands worldwide. With a 5-star rating and over 1500 reviews, Admin Columns is a trusted solution for WordPress content management.

The WooCommerce integration add-on is easy to install and provides a range of custom columns and features for the WooCommerce list tables. You can add product fields to the list table, making them filterable, sortable, editable (inline & bulk), and exportable. The plugin also supports product variations and offers smart filters to help you make custom selections of your products for later use.

The Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce Addon is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline and various aspects of managing products, orders, customers in WooCommerce. Here are its key features:

  1. WooCommerce integration: The addon integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, providing additional WooCommerce columns for product, order, andpon overview pages.
  2. Complete control: Gain complete control over your online shop with columns specifically designed for WooCommerce data.
  3. Smart filters: Narrow down search results and find content efficiently with smart filters that work on all post types, users, and custom fields.
  4. Inline editing: Edit content directly from within the list table, making it easy to change the featured image, add tags, or modify custom field values.
  5. Bulk editing: Update multiple posts, pages, or users at once with smart filtering and bulk editing features.
  6. Conditional formatting: Transform your WooCommerce data into actionable insights with conditional formatting.
  7. Custom fields: Display any custom data on the WooCommerce product list table, making it easy to manage additional metadata.
  8. Drag and drop page builder: Customize the column layout for your WooCommerce overview pages with a user-friendly drag and drop interface.
  9. Column sets: Switch columns for any WooCommerce screen to fit your exact needs by creating column sets.
  10. Sorting, filtering, and inline editing: Sort data using any column, filter results, and quickly edit content using inline editing.
  11. Compatibility: Fully compatible with WordPress Multisites and popular WooCommerce plugins, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

These features make the Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce Addon a powerful tool for managing and optimizing your WooCommerce store.


In summary, Admin Columns is a powerful plugin that can help you manage your WordPress website more efficiently, with additional features and customizations available for WooCommerce stores. With its range of features and compatibility with popular plugins, Admin Columns is a valuable tool for WordPress users looking to streamline their content management workflow.


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