Admin Columns Pro Toolset Types

Version 1.8 Updated on January 3, 2024

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Admin Columns Pro Toolset Types

The Admin Columns Pro Tool Types addon is a plugin that enhances the functionality of Admin Columns and Types plugin. With this addon, you can display, edit, filter, and search custom fields and taxonomies from Types in the WordPress admin panel. It allows you to have complete control over your custom content and improve the management of your website. The addon is compatible with the Developer license of Admin Columns Pro and offers integration with Types and inline editing of data from this plugin. It also supports many different custom field types, such as files, images, numbers, and even post and user relations, to create a beautiful overview of your custom content.

The Key features of the Admin Columns Proset Types addon:

  1. Displaying Toolset Types fields as columns in the WordPress admin screens.
  2. Bulk editing, filtering, and searching of Toolset Types fields directly from the list table.
  3. Compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and WooCommerce plugins.
  4. Import and export of column setup.
  5. Saving columns to PHP.
  6. Inline editing of data from Toolset Types fields.
  7. Custom field types for proper formatting of Toolset Types fields.
  8. Support for post (posts, pages, and custom post types), user, comment, media, and taxonomy lists.
  9. Translation into multiple languages.


With Admin Columns Pro Toolset Types integration users can add columns for custom types, fields, and taxonomies, including those created with Toolset Types. This allows for easier sorting, filtering, and inline/bulk editing of content, saving time and improving the user experience.


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